Lip Service SS 2016 Collection

Hi gals! Today we want to talk about the S/S collection from Lip Service for the coming year <3
They are definitely keeping true to themselves as I love everything that I have seen from them!

Why are their flower patterns always so perfect?!
I especially want to try on the dress that the mannequin, just love the pattern<3 (Below is a picture of it in pink! So much want!) Not to mention the baby-doll room-wear on the sofa which is to die for!

Trench coats continuing on strong! They are always so flattering, and I would love to snag a new one since our last one was from Liz Lisa and I don't think we'll be using that one anymoreXD

Also I REALLY hope that they'll have any of their phone cases for the iPhone 6S+ as we plan on getting that one and really Lip Services' phone cases are always so perfect!

Such a cute setup! Hope they have it in white *crosses fingers*.

Another cute setup and a tube dress. Tweed seems to continue strong, to which I have no complaints about! Tweet clothing are always so pretty and it looks so refined and elegant which is just perfect for Onee gyaru.

And denim! Like the pants, and I guess denim jackets are growing on me a bit..however not really my thing...xD (remember how much we were against them last year?XD)

This ruffled-on-the-shoulders top really peaks my interest! So cute and I'd love to try it in brown! *^*

Just love everything about this collection! Can't wait to see everything and try it on!
What do you gals think about what has been shown?

Sayoko Ozaki (NUTS) - Reipoyo (Popteen)
Sakurina (Ane Ageha, Ageha) - Sano Maiko (BLEA)

Watanabe Kanae&Kazue (Cyber Japan) - Kotobuki Rui 

Lot of cute models also showed up for the exhibition, just how great would it have been to be surrounded by all those gorgeous models?!

I would have been so happy to have been able to meet Sayoko and the Watanabe sisters (of course Sakurina as well!) but I really admire them so much and they are just so gorgeous that just ugh!!! Can't handle these feels!! XD

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With love♡

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