Cutify-ing Bags with Delyle Noir Belts

Hi pretty gals!
When we went to Japan last year we got these gorgeous belts from Delyle Noir, ended up not using them as much as we would have liked. But recently I saw on Twitter use the belts to decorate some bags, which seems to be a trend that some Delyle lovers have been taking up!
So seeing as we had two belts lying around I decided to try it! Also decided to make a small tutorial for two ways to do this and I hope you gals find it fun and interesting to try for yourselves!

Some inspirations ❤︎ Can't say that I am a fan of the last one though, as I feel that the color combo could somehow be better and it could also be wrapped better, but that might just be me?

Also, if you have some scarfs lying around, then you can also use them to make some cute bows on your bags, like on the pic from Rady.

The ones that I did♡

So! On the big bag the belt isn't long enough to make a bow, but no biggie as I like this one just as much!

1. Find the middle and put it on top of the bag handle.
2. Wrap both ends to the end. When you reach the end you might want to wrap it around a few more times so that the end won't be too long.
4. Make a small loop (Similar to when tying ties).
3. Stick the end through the loop and pull.

(Accidentally mixed it up a bit, so 4 is before 3 :s )

Gives it a really nice summery feeling, and brightens up the bag!

This one is perfect for small bags! but you can also change it so that when the handle lies down with the bag, the bow would be on top.

1. Decide on how big you want the bow to be, the smaller, the shorter the end.
2. Wrap the long part to the end.
3. Then wrap it back to the beginning. For smaller bows you need to wrap it tighter so you don't end up with too long of an end.
4. Fold the ends up.
5. Put one fold on top of the other and fold the one behind down under the other (if that makes sense;P).
6. It might not come out perfect, just mess around with it, pull the ends under the bow, make them even and fiddle with it and you will end up with a bow you can be happy with!^^


What do you gals think? is this something you would try yourselves?
Me and Lea only have these two bags at the moment and we have been using them for months now, so we found it really fun to give them a makeover like this!


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With love♡

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