Animal Cruelty - 100th Post

Animal cruelty - some of you might think of this topic as not fashion related (not that all we write much about it, but...) but animal cruelty is in some cases related to the fashion industry. Our mom showed us this video of animal cruelty in China where they are flaying the animals alive, and they stay alive for almost 10 minutes afterwards, it is devastating to watch, I can't even begin to understand what would bring people to do such things... well, greed maybe, but really?
I admit we have clothing made of fur... and saw nothing wrong with it, but I am not sure if I'll feel comfortable doing the same in the future. One thing is sure though, I won't be buying real fur again!

We don't want to preach or anything, it is not in our characters to look down on anyone for wearing fur, We also, are guilty as charged! People just have not even thought about anything further than the clothing in their hand. Just like we hadn't.

After watching this video I went to bed and our dog was there waiting for us. I looked at him and I felt so bad, who can stay sane after doing something so cruel to animals?
But, this isn't the only "usage" of animals, the beauty industry also uses them as guinea pigs, and who knows? maybe most of our products are tested on animals, we just don't know because we have never even once spared a thought about it. Are we hypocrites for writing this entry, but still using these products? I don't know! In a way I am just rambling, writing down random sentences, trying to make sense... but I felt very strongly about this subject after watching the video...


Sorry for the "lightness" after a serious topic, but this is our 100th post, and we kind of wanted to make it something more "special", and we hope you don't mind it too much that this is the topic, and please feel free to say your opinion about it!

but, we want to thank all of our followers and non-followers for continuing reading our blog and we hope you will continue doing so in the future!


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