Cellphone pictures from Japan~ 2010

Hi, gals!
We decided to post some old pictures that we took on a cellphone that we had when we where staying in Japan for the two weeks that we where there in 2010^^
This post will definitely be PICTURE HEAVYxD and as you will see soon we had not yet entered the gyaru style while we where there, although Ichimarukyuu was our favorite place!^^

Bought these shoes for just 500¥!
Our favorite pen!!!
hahaxD with our mom^^
Went to a MIYAVI concert!!!!
Loved this slime display at 0101 City(?)
Dragon quest VIII: Journey of the cursed kings <3 <3
Bought ourselves some magazines, that later turned out to be Gyaru, and tried out some of the colorful tutorials!^^
L.A.Colors that was used in the tutorial, we just HAD to get them!><
haha, we look quite different, right!?xD
Bought this poster of Miyavi in a store in Takeshita dori><
haha, derp!!
I was so happy with my bangs therexD

I am pretty sure that this was in Kyoto at some shopping place, that is just like a shopping streets, but with a roof...xD

At Nijo Castle, Kyoto
But apparently you were not allowed to take pictures there...
I knew that to late though...

Or mom hit in first try :O
It is almost hard to believe that this was taken with a phone....
that is until you try to make it biggerxD
The biggest Bonsai tree in the world(?)
Our uncle's cat, Neo<3
I guess there are always pictures of us like that...xD

haha, Odaiba
We sent this picture to our grandma and tried to trick her into thinking that we took a short trip to New York
We will leave it to your imagination whether she believed it or not!xD

Lea lost the purple one's quickly....
(just one though...)
and broke this one....:'(
Who doesn't love pens!?
Especially if they smell like lemon and strawberries!><
Those are our earmufflers that then turned out to be real rabbit fur....:s
This was from the second day I think...
Tops from Swanky and skirt from D.I.A><
....AND the last one!xD

Hope you liked these pictures!><
Until next time!

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