Our Pullips need a good home!

hi gals!!
Believe it or not we are selling our Pullip dolls!!
All of the Dolls come in their original boxes, and if you want to see some more pictures of the dolls, just let us know!^^
Please contact us on lucinecaroun@hotmail.com

Pullip Papin
You will get her in her stock outfit.
190$ +Shipping

Pullip Aquel
200$+ shipping
Stock clothes included
I think her worth is around 250$ but since her wig is in bad shape
and she came with a broken hand(by the wrist) we are only selling her for 200$

Pullip Celsyi
150$ +shipping
Her stock outfit is included, but one side of her glasses are broken, but still usable.

Pullip Hello Kitty
230$ +shipping( Her worth is 250$)I saw that there was a cheaper one on ebay, so she will go for 150
(Must have missed that one)
In her stock outfit
On of her slippers in in bad shape and we cut her wig, but it is REALLY cute><
(Even if I say so myselfxD)

Pullip Prunella
230$now 200 +shipping (her worth varies from 250 and over)
As you can see her lip is going off, but if you know how to fix that then it should be no problem, also her hand is broken, but obitsu body should fix that problemxD
I have also cut her hair^^

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