2nd of May + OMG!OMG!

 Many bloggers where blogging about the first of May, but not usxD haha, nothing special happened that day for us and we only stayed at home lazying about>.<
... not that I am complaining though :P

Lea's makeup^^
...But on the 2nd of May we went to the city, since we were trying to sell two of our lolita dresses and had sold one of our yukata's that we needed to get to the girl that had bought it :) and YAY! we sold both of our dresses, but one girl won't buy it until the middle of the month^^ This was so great!
Then we walked to some fabric store, ending up with sore feet and ruined pantyhoses, along with seeing a man pee alongside the pedestrian walk...o.O
but luckily we got some cute fabric, and even though it is not clothing fabric, we are sure we can make some cute shorts out of it^^

Emi's makeup^^

Then we took the bus to the bus terminal where we waited for about 1 and a half hour D:
but we managed not to die out of boredom...xD

THEN! THEN!!! something amazing happened!!!!! I have been stalking Leeke World for some days, and Mabel has been confirmed for delivery!!!!!! we are so EXTREMELY happy now, and we are hoping, we are HOPING she will arrive tomorrow... but we can't be too sure... but we can hope :P

Then tomorrow is our last test!!! yay, it is listening and afterward a woman from Osaka will be holding a presentation about the fun life in Osaka :p hehe~ can't wait for tomorrow!!!! >.<

That's it for now! see you all laters, and thanks for reading^^

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