A very busy day!

Yesterday was a AMAZING day!
so much happiness and fun, a little bit of stress and a heave tiredness! xD

We started the day by calling TNT to check if Chiharu had arrived to Iceland, but she had been stopped in the customs since they did not have the right invoice on the package (sadly, when these stores try to be nice and put up a wring sum of money on the invoice on the package it completely backfires here in Iceland as it only causes more trouble, but who can blame them?) weeell, the woman we talked to was so nice and we just sent her the invoice from paypal and by lunch everything was ready!!!!

Yesterday, everyone (almost everyone) in the Japanese course were giving presentations to get graded and I, Lea, held a presentation on Kyari Pamyu Pamyu and Emi on Gyaru^^
This did not go smoothly at all to begin with! we were supposed to be in one classrom, but there was a test there and we moved to another classroom, but after being there for half an hour we had to move again for another test... so we moved to another building, waited there for some 10 minutes to get a room there only to be shooed away after about an half an hour for a oral test, but finally after that we reached our last classroom, but all together moving about, taking a 5 minute break and after 15 people had given their presentations 4 hours had passed! :O
It was kinda stressful, but we did nice and we are now one (well, 2 acctuallyxD)of 10 people that will give our presentations in front of the Ambassador and some guest on Thursday>.< many people did not want to do that, but we are pleased about it, as it means we did well!
(we might also put our speeches up!)

Then there was a farewell party for our teachers, we went to the bakery and bought some sweets to bring to it, since everyone was supposed to bring a little something^^
Then we went and got a car, since our friend was gonna drive there, and stupid little us did not think of checking WHERE we were supposed to go, so we only knew the name of the place and city, but not HOW to get there, but thanks to us sisters we were able to find our way :P

The party was so much fun! a lot of people came and we ate lots of good food, took a lot of fun pictures, and group photos too!>.<
but, Emi has most our pictures in her computer, and I am to lazy to get themxD but we might show them later^^

Like I said earlier, everything was ready for us to get Chiharu so we asked our mom and grandmom to go and get her, which they of course did!>.<
We where so excited when we came home, but also soooo tired since it had been a long (but don't forget fun) day:)
We made a box opening video, that we will be putting up soon, but as I am writing this Emi is putting subtitles on it since we talked in Icelandic while opening her^^
So, for now enjoy these few pictures of her^^

Thanks for reading, see you next time! :P

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