Today's gets!


We had to go downtown to take care of some things, and our mom decided to take us to our favorite clothing store in Keflavik, and let us pick our birthday present, since our birthday is in May:)

Emi is wearing the dress our mom gave us^^ (the pink one:3)

We had been eying a dress there from some time ago, but the breast line was TO low :( BUT this time we came up with a good solution for that problem! we just took one top that is very much in fashion right now, they are short, but I don't know what they are calledxD

We decided to get this dress and the top with it and our mom gave it to us, but there was another dress there to that we really wanted and we decided to buy it! yay!

We decided to buy this pink/green dress! just love it<3
It really reminds us of Murua :O

buta kamichama!!!

 We've been really proud of ourselves since we got Chiharu, as we have been very productive ever since! we've made her some shirts, 2 skirts, short pants, socks, a belt and a bracelet!!!! >.<

ALSO! we made a presentation in Japanese for one of our classes, and Emi made hers about gyaru and Lea about Kyary pamyu pamyu^^ then we were both chosen along with 8 others to present our speeches infront of the ambassador and guests! :O our teacher told us that everyone had really liked our presentations!!! yay!

and to end this, here is a short video of our little ball of happiness<3

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