Japan trip~ pt 4

May 23, 2012

haha, it was acctually quite funny, we went alone to Nara and where supposed to buy tickets for an express train that went straight to Nara and took only 30 min....
But the klutz us bought ticket for an hour one....where you needed to change trains...xD
But fortunately we had asked some girls whether this was the right train, so they talked to the train guard when we missed our stop, and he talked to us.
haha, and then when we stepped out of the train a old lady told us where to go for our train^^
And we stopped really shortly in Nara, since we had to go back to Kyoto to return to Tokyo.

hahaxD they always flock around the people that had food for them^^
and we went to a concert with Miyavi!!!><
Our mom took one picture even though you where not supposed to:s
It was such a great concert, and in such a small space, so everyone was so close to him><
The konbini food was so good~
Especially the small sandwiches!
We went on a Sunday....but nearly no one was at the bridge....
We then found out that there was a free concert nearby and everyone was there....but that wasn't until the day after or something...D:
Meiji Shrine
Takeshita dori!!!><
Saw this cute lolita^^
haha, met this funny guyxD
We then went by train to Ueno Zoo, but we did not stay there for long since it seems that our mom has a sensitive nose....:'(
Went out to eat with our uncle and his wife our last evening in Japan.
Our uncles sashimi^^
haha, I so do not remember what that was....xD
And his other dish^^
We got Kobe beef....
But he ordered the best bit for us, but the meat was really fat, and unfortunately our stomach did not quite handle that kind of fat, we are used to eating a lot of meat, but we got sick from eating this...
had we known this we would have gotten a piece of the Kobe that was not so fat...:s

Then it was time to go home....:'(

Yay, these are all the pictures!!!
Hope you liked them^^

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