Japan trip~ pt.2

Hi gals here is part two of our trip to Japan from 2010!^^

At the fair bought some cute rings made from stone^^
Met this girl after going to listen to a lecture that our uncle was doing and she was so cute and small!><
haha, she was as happy to meet us as we were herxD
OMG!!! We loved this so much!
Can anyone guess how this is done?
The second day of the fair
Our uncle's wife, she is so nice!<3
Our uncle, they are both so nice><
Her family^^
Ai-chan, she is so cute! and always so friendly^^
Then we went back to the hotel in Shibuya and ofcourse went shopping some more!><
Just to say....we did not know that you where not allowed to take pictures....
and no one probably dared to say something to our mom...since she is big with tattoo'sxD
CocoLulu, just how cute is that girl!!!? ><
YAY!!! Then we found a wig store near 109><
Didn't buy any wig....but I would like to try that wig again...with gyaru makeup><
Then we went to our uncle's place to go with him and his wife to Kyoto><
Well, that is all for part two!><
Please look forward to part 3><
Until then~

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