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Hello my name is Lea and I am an facebook game addict...xD
hahahxD juuuust kidding^^
I have always been addicted to facebook games, and I have even gotten my family and friends to play a LOT of games so that I can gain something out of it, and more often than not they end up playing te game for longer than me since I tend to move on quickly to another game if I get bored xD haha, but I am always playing 2-3 games at a time^^

At the moment I play Sims Social and Pet Society the most, and well, actually Pet Society is the sole reason that I first began facebook, but I saw one girl playing it, and I just HAD to play it too... that years easter got spent on Pet Society only...-.-' (not that I regret it or anything:P)

buuuuuut, I take a lot of pictures of my pet, Hiro Chan in Pet Society and I wanted to post some of them up here^^

When I saw this adorable Alpaca family, I just knew I had to get them:*
btw, I don't spend my own money on any games, I just logged into get daily bonuses and saved for this^^

My japanese garden<3

<3 this room

my pets...-.-' they always run away...

dress up room, kind of too much going onxD

LOOOOOOVE this garden:*

I dressed Hiro up as a baby, so she had to get a nursery ;p

faery *w*
I waited so "long" to finish this harajuku photo booth, and I guess I started with too high of a expectations, since I got kinda disappointed with it. But still it is pretty cute


LOOOOVE this wig, my all time fav:*

so cuute:*

my little rainbow chef^^
Hope I dod not bore you too much with these pictures>.<

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