Work Party+ Please stay awayD:

 Hi gals!!
Last Friday we went to a work party!!!
We where really looking forward to it, since last year had been so much fun!!!><
But we have been working in the Hotel Business for the last 6-7 summers!^^
But before it started, and before we went to the hotel, we went to meet a friend of ours to chat and eat!^^
Our room!<3
 In that picture you can see the table without all the stuff that we later put on it!!
Since we brought all our makeup stuff with us, since we where to lazy to do it in the morning!xD
And it was quite funny since we met one other friend and people from the first year, and their reaction to our faces was so funny(they hadn't seen us without makeupxD)

 After doing our makeup and hair we went downstairs to where the party was to be held, and we went at 7 since that was the set time, (the theme was the Oscars) but people didn't start to come until it was getting to 8D:
Then at 9(!? D:) We finally got to go in and sit down and soon after that the we could get some appertizers......
There where only two things I liked, the stir fried shell fish and the sushi(Lea did not like the sushi), but every thing else was bad...(in our oppinion) 
See that purple/white/red thingie? I thought it was some berries on pankaces....turned out that it was fish eggs....yuck! One boy at our table said that it couldn't be THAT bad and tasted it.....I guess I do not really need to say what his reaction was....

 Then there where some could laugh sometimes....but it was mostly just personal jokes between few people.... then there was one game that only involved the hotel managers....which kind of sucked since last year games involved everyone....
Then we finally got our dinner, and it was soo good!!! especially the potatoes, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! potatoes! our mom and grandma always say that we could live by only eating them(Kind of true...)  We even asked for more potatoesxD
Then we got dessert....
Then there was a ball afterwards.....
I(Emi) was so not in the mood for dancing or anything!! somehow I only wanted to return to our room....:s But I danced a little, but only because I was dragged to the dancefloor....

 BUT! Then we decided to return to our room, and wow....this was not our lucky night!
Me and Lea have always liked talking to drunk people(but we do not drink ourselfs) and now we met one and he started talking to us, at first it was fun, we lied to him that we where violin geniuses that just returned to Iceland to play in "Harpan" and of course he knew us!(xD)
But then he started to get really close to us and just creep us out! He had us cornered! So we just said "bai" and went down stairs, since if we would go to our room now he would see where it was!D:
I wanted to go to the reception right away to ask someone to help us, but Lea wanted to wait and check, so we did the waiting game, checked twice and finally asked the receptionist to help us, thankfully the man had "died" and we escaped safely to our room!xD

But well the day after we had some nice breakfast and went home!^^

That is all for now!
Thanks for reading!^^

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