Munchkin and more+camwhoring

Some weeks ago, day after we dyed our hair red again, we went to play Munchkin with our friends.
It is such a fun card game!! If you have not tryed it you definitely should!

When at the beginning you get 10 coins that act as your level in the game and you level up when you beat monsters. There are a few rules in this game, but all can be broken as long as no one notices!!
I cheated a couple of times by adding a LV >< Lea did not cheat that much....xD

At the beginning you also get X many cards(can not remember the nr, but most likely 5....xD)
Then you can put some cards down on the table, classes, race, helpers, weapons, armory...etc....
(And in some cases more than you can acctually carry, but let's hope no one notices!^^)

My CARDS!!! I actually started off quite well(and ended well although I did not win....), but by the middle of the game I had cards that allowed me to have two races and two classes!^^

Then the game ended and we started playing a game called "Fimbulfamb" or something like that.....xD The game is about guessing the meaning of some old icelandic name.
One person says the word and every one has to write down what they think it means and the person who read it also has to write it down, and then read all the guesses(with the real one) and then everyone else has to guess what they think is the right one.

To get points you had to:
1. Guess the right one.
2. Have someone guess that yours is the right one
3. Be the person that reads the word and have no one guess the right one

haha, it was actually quite funny since some people where tricking others to guess theirsxD
(And it workedxD)

Some people wanted candy and where really happy with the little they got....xD
( I am actually a cheapskate[or whatever the word is....] when it comes to my candy....:s



I started off really badly....but I got better at the end! ^^

"No, No....I am not taking a video...what are you saying!?"
haha, Lea trying to be sneaky....xD

The face of the innocent....
Our friends actually asked her how time she put on the timerxD
And in the beginning of the video I am looking really suspiciously at her, it was just way to obviousxD

And then starts the camwhoring!!! (as if the pictures before weren't enough...xD)
But these are just of me thoughxD

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