GREAT weather!

by - April 17, 2012

With our TA's

Today was the last day of school, so yesterday we baked some cookies to give everyone in class, but we did not take any pictures of them...:( but they were delicious, we also made schocolate and put on top of them *drooool...*

We had some really great weather, so we went downtown to eat at the Sushi Train, they really have the yummiest sushi! Sushi Train has rotating sushi or 回転寿司 (read: kaitenzushi) but you can also make requests :P

sushi with salmon... not to my liking...

Fried shrimp, Emi loves this^^

mmmmm.... this one has fake crab, cucumber and avocado<3
Lea had two of those, her absolute fav!

Sushi and DELICIOUS pudding!

Two of our friends got this delicious pudding, but we got to taste some from them^^
we so pro :P hahax3

Our friend also celebrated her birthday on Saturday, and it was so much fun! We did not take many pictures, but here are few we took^^
She also had just arrived from Boston so she had many super delicious American candies! we were in candy heaven!

Trying to put on two tongue tattoos...
can't really see of what the tattoo is...
Birthday girl^^,
Add these capsules to water and...
...and VOILA! you have your dinosaur! *w*
A few of us gave her that figure alongside other things^^

and thaaaaaaaaats it! hope you like the pictures, and hopefully we have not left you too hungryxD

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