Dolly update >< +Made some stuff

Hi gals!!!
Today we have accomplished so much!!><
We studied.....a bit....D: Should have done more, and we will do more...
But we just can not get Chiharu out of our thoughts!!!>< It is always getting closer and closer until the day that we get her, but we have been wanting her for 3 years now!! O:

So today we had some guests over(well our mom and grandma....but we like listening) and since I(Emi) wasn't doing anything special I decided to make some drawers for the kind of a "sofa" that we did for Chiharu, although it is still a work in progress.

Then Lea did some books and a frame for her, that is just the perfect size!!!><
Here you can see the drawers, I also did a kind of a "sepperator"(XD) since I am going to make three smaller ones to go on top. I made the drawers from morning cereal boxes, and glued paper on it on both sides(Will show that better some other time^^)
Then I used some small buttons and pearls to make the handles^^ Isn't that just the cutest!!? ><

Here is the "sofa" thingy, but it is not nearly compleated!
As you most likely can see^^
But I already hand sewed the pillow to sit on and the back and two decorative pillows, I just need to sew some more and put fillings in them, and then I will maybe do some more for the "sofa".
I just hope it doesn't turn out to be too big/small for herxD
Ah! and that white thingy that is the bottom of the "sofa" is one part of a shelve that we have, and we thought it would be fun to use it for her><

Well that is all for now!^^

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