Recent gets <3

We recently went to the mall with our friends and got us some things^^

We bough three rings and two pairs of earrings from SIX,
three pairs of socks from La Senza.

Also we bought eyeshadow palette and foundation from Mabelline.
Funny thing about that is that one morning our grandma comes to us and asks us
"Did you mother give you that?".

Asking about the foundation, and then shortly after she comes
and is surprised to see us with a new foundationxD

Makes one wonder.....><
We also recently made an order at Grail shop on rakuten.
Although there where some complications and most of the order cancelled,
we got these coats and shoes(Still waiting for the other pair though....:s)
Love these shoes <3

We really needed some new shoes to go with our Christmas dresses,
so when we saw these we just had to get them ><

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