Small Christmas

December 06, 2011

Hi gals!

Last Thursday there was an event between the people learning Japanese and Chinese!
And of course the Japanese and Chinese exchange students where there too!^^

Someone late in wrapping in their presentxD
Not that we where any better, we went earlier to Reykjavik to shop for our presents^^
So since there where some other people that still had not bought their gifts we decided to meet with them in a mall.
And then we met some other people that where also going there^^

When we came to the room where the event was being held, we helped them decorate it.
Making some stars, not everyone managed to make a pretty onexD

Who is that creeper in the back!? D:

I am definitely not a perv!xD

Don't kill me!!!

Making some colored sugar to decorate the gingerbreads with^^

Gingerbreads decorated by our friend.
Haha, I went to her and was begging her for her gingerbreads, but she misunderstood me and gave me her pockyxD
I hadn't even noticed the pockyxD

Some one brought these with them and of course we both tried it out!

My head is to big for that strap.....-.-'

After the party we went downtown to a pub, and on our way we went out on the pond.
Since it was FROZEN!!! ><

Then it was time to catch the bus....and we had to run all the way to catch it!
Just barely made it! :s


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