Field Trip to Yokohama

Few weeks ago(yes...we are bad bloggers...xD) we went to Yokohama on a field trip with our Japanese culture class.
We where supposed to meet up at 10....but we where a bit late:s
There where two reasons for our lateness:
1. We where to careless
2. On every weekend in our station there is something family related going on and they where selling mini can see Lea holding them in the pic above(We got one box as a special><)

But despite our lateness we managed to catch up with them, well one reason is that one of our classmates spotted us....guess we are easily spottable since we where quite far away....xD

We looked at a lot of buildings and our teacher talked about the history behind them and how they where appropriated or where a clear sign of layering....although I am not going to explain not good at it! D:

We then walked to the Osanbashi pier, where there was this old man walking his BUNNY!!
It was so cute, and ofcourse everyone wanted to pet the bunny(well all we foreigners wanted too....xD)

Since it was in Oktober it so happened that we where there at the same time that Oktober fest was going on, and different from how it is in Iceland(and probably else where) you could also see families there enjoying their time together.
In Iceland it is just all about drinking....xD

On our way then to some park to see some bridge we passed this shop that had a lot of stuff, and they even had Barack Obama!

But watch out!
He was REALLY expensive!

After looking at the bridges in the park and the old locomotive paths everyone split up to do their own things, most people went home, but I(Emi) went with some others to grab something to eat and shop while Lea went to meet her boyfriend.

Thanks for reading!
We are trying to become better bloggers, so expect some new posts comming soon!!!XD

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