Halloween, The Blue Lagoon and a new pair of twins

Hi everyone!!!! Last Friday we at the Japanese student council rented a floor in a bar to host a Halloween party!!!!
It was so much fun, but too few of the second year students showed up....
But! That just made it easier getting to know the first years><

We where kind of bummed by how few showed up, but still we all had such fun, and acted like total idiots(and danced like idiotsxD)
We partied until 6 in the morning, but by that time we had gone to 3 bars, and at one bar(The Dubliner), there where two singers playing guitars and when we had been there for some time they asked if we where twins(not many where in the bar) and of course we said "yes!", but then our friend called that today was our b-day....so they sand for us....and yeas we turned 14 that night.....
PHOTO BOMBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are shy, but when we are with people who are drinking(we do not drink ourselfs....) we just let go and have lots of fun, so afterwards it is really fun to ask people how much they think we have drunk....usually they guess 5-6 beers and some shotsxD
Then on Sunday we went to the Blue Lagoon with the Japanese exchange students and people from the 1st and 2nd year, but we where still quiet few....only 12....
My hair is now disgusting because of the water.....
But we all had a lot of fun! ><
Afterwards we where all so HUNGRY!!!! So we went to a Pizzeria called Mamma Mia in Grindavik and the service was so horrible!!
We came in and even though we where moving tables together no one came out from the kitchen, we waited an hour for our food and in the meanwhile they where only selling about 15 pizzas and there where 2 people beside us in the restaurant....

Then today Lea and our friend decided to be TWINS for a day!!!!><
Like you can see her they are both wearing a brown curly Priscilla wig><

I like to say that I was kind of Orihime-like><
Same clothes><
People's reaction was so funny, many though that the wigs where our real hairxD
Different clothes and hair, not something that you see everydayxD
Pic from last weeks party><
I look weird in that pictureXD
Another one from the same party, but there are also twins in the first year><
Well that is all for now! <3


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