Fun weeks!

Sorry we have been way to lazy to blog:s
There has been so much going on these last 2-3 weeks! Much to our enjoyment since it has all been school related.

About 3 weeks ago we went with a lot of our friends from our Japanese class to a bar to drink and talk(Although me and Lea do not drink).
But one of our classmate is a "buddy" to one of the Japanese exchange students so 4 of them also came, which was so much fun! Although many of us, including me, are still very shy about talking in Japanese.

(Went Bowling the first time about a month ago, It was fun!>.<)

We, and our friends, had originally decided to go and watch a movie at 8, but we where having WAY to much fun, so we stayed and where all just talking and having fun, and then at 9 we all went and had something to eat together, I think more than half of us ate "chicken massman", it is SOO good!!!><
We had lots of fun but unfortunately me, Lea and our friends had a bus to catch at 11....
We are really lucky since we always have Friday off and last week was the week after the Midterms, so that week was off to!>< So on last Friday we all went to Kringlan, a shopping mall in Reykjavik, with the exchange students and other students from the Japanese major to eat sushi and then go bowling.
But before we did that we stopped by at Topshop and SIX(accessorize shop).

We also got us some icecream and my sister was taking photos of me, but was teasing me on the same time...

....So I did the SAME!xD

haha, who needs a decent pic, when you can get a funny one? xD

We bought such a cute top!!! Red with white tops and a Peter Pan collar!!! And in SIX we bought really cute mittens, owl necklace and earrings get one sticker for every 1500ISK that you buy for(max 3) and when you get 9 you get a 1500ISK discount!! They have such cute accessory and they are cheaper than Accessorize!!><

Then I tasted Sushi for the third time...but the nori is always a bit weird for me...Guess it takes time to get used to...
Then we went bowling and had a lot of fun there!><

Then on last Thursday we went to a Bar called "Víkingakráin" or "The Viking pub".
That was so much fun!!! Almost everyone was there! The Japanese Teachers, first and second year students, and the exchange students, then there was also a couple of exchange students from China!><
At the pub our Japanese professor found out from me and Lea that we know a Japanese song called in english "The Fisherman song" (enja oddo enja oddo), you should all have seen how she reacted!!! it was HILARIOUS, and she reacted the same way when she found out other songs that we knewxD

Then it was decided to move on to a Karaoke bar, but before we went there I got a "Imouto"! or a little sister! and my little sister is a boy!!! haha it was so funny I was talking to one of the Japanese exchange students and me and some other where joying around and I do not remember why but I called him "Imouto"(Knowing what it meant to make that clear).
After that he was Imouto and me and Lea where Ane(Big sister). Everyone should get a little sister like him, I was always teasing him about how much he had been drinking, so funnyxD

(Not pics from the party, but I love my hairdo from that day)

Then we reached the Karaoke bar and then late in the night someone put "Ue o muite" on(Sukiyaki song) I was so happy!!! I love that song so much!!!<3

We where staying with our friend so then a little before 3 everyone headed home, but we walked all the way with most of the people and on the way we met other people partying and talked with them.
And when we reached home we where EXHAUSTED!! But so HAPPY!

Our cats love bags and boxes!!><

And today we went to get some prize that our mother won, a really cool little statue that an Icelandic Designer made(also someone that our mother knows). And the we got some cupcakes when we visited another friend of our mothers^^

I am better at making weird faces than anything else....just ask my friends....-.-'

My makeup today^^
Lea's makeup today^^

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