Being a gyaru can get you some unwanted attention at times, but when something good comes out of it, it makes you feel so good!

We went to Ikea and Smáralindin (Mall) yesterday and as we were walking into one shop in Smáralind a woman stopped us, we were kinda surprised as we did not know that woman, but she asked us if we had just come from getting a makeover. noooo, we did not come from a makeover we answered her, we did this ourselves. She was so nice and asked us about our makeup and we told her about our lenses, then she told us that we where really talented and we thanked her:) It made us very happy because people in Iceland aren't always so nice about things that are different and we often get very weird looks from people.

haha, as I am writing this I suddenly remembered one story of when we where in a another mall and had yet to put in our lenses (it takes us kinda long time to put on makeup so we always put our lenses in afterward so that we can wear them for "longer")
We went straight to a bathroom when arriving to put them in and there was a woman there that thought our lenses were really beautiful and complimented us on them:) haha, she was so surprised when she saw us putting them inX3

We went to almost all of the stores in the mall... but had kinda hard time finding something that we want an is not to expensive... the sales were not all that low...:( we saw some cute shorts in Topshop, but sadly they where a little bit pricier than we where willing to allow.. BUT we bought these two cute t-shirts in Zara, love them!

We also wanted to go to a shoe store downtown that has a really good sale going on right now... but walking around in 15 cm heels that you are not used to yet can be really tiring, not that we are complaining! Haha, we enjoyed it too much:) ... so in the end we decided not to go...

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