Outfit and changes

January 06, 2012

Went shopping today, and on Wednesday... bought the red dress today, and the red coats from Zara on Wednesday, really loving red lately.(☆^ー^☆)
We went to Reykjavík with our friends  on Wednesday to meet some of our classmates before school starts, and of course some shopping was done! There are sales going on everywhere now, but sadly I found them to be kinda disapointing... at least in the mall that we went to, we could not even find anything in Accessorize, but at last years sales we went there almost everyday and always found something we wanted...:/
Wednesday outfit, we wore the same outfit when we went to a bar with our friends on NYE, but did not take any pics of it then, but I fell in love with it<3

Emi's makeup today.
Lea's makeup today.
I, Lea, grow really tired of things quickly so I changed the template of our blog some time ago, and Emi changed the look of our Tumblr... But I want to change again..*w*
I'm thinking of something simple... but not too simpleXD I'm still thinking and open to suggestions, so if you have any please do tell us!

...YAY! School will be starting soon, on the 11th, and according to the timetable some major changes have been made. We got a new professor at the beginning of last term and she has really made a lot of improvements to the Japanese course:)
That's it for now, bai bai until next time.

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