The dinner table

This new years eve was probably the most fun so far.. We went to our uncle's for dinner and watched "Áramótaskaupið" there, áramót means wen the years meet and skaup means to make fun of something... or something like that..X3 It is a program shown every NYE making fun of what has happened the past year.
It wasn't really that funny this year, but people said that it was really straightforward, and didn't try to hide anything.

Our makeup, didn't really take any good pictures

Then we played an Icelandic version of Monopoly and it was very fun!:)
Around 3am we went to a pub to meet our friend and listened to a band playing until 5X3

Lea's nails for NYE :3

The reason why this is the best NYE so far is that until now we have always been only with our mom and grandmother... and we didn't really do anything... which sucked!

But it is only going to get better from now on! Next NYE will be in Japan, whoohoo!

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