::Sponsored by Uniqso:: Dolly Eye Sugar Candy Hazel (EOS)


Hii guys, I have already made a video reviewing these contacts, but decided to put it up here too♡
I also made a droopy eye makeup tutorial (same as pictured above) using these contacts, so please take a look if you'd like!

The contacts are the Dolly Eye Sugar Candy Hazel from EOS. They are kindly sponsored by Uniqso, who have great customer service and their quick shipping and packaging was awesome!
They also offer free shipping when purchasing from them, which takes 2 weeks and that is pretty awesome if you ask me!^^

For a 10% discount use the code "emixlea22" during checkout!

So about the lenses!
☆Diameter 16mm
☆38% Water Content
☆Available in power -7.00
☆One year disposal

These contacts give a really nice dolly eye effect as they are big, and have a black circle.
They however do not blend well with light eye, but that is nothing that has bothered me, and I don't think they look any worse due to that.
They are very comfortable, and I can wear them for a long time, though my eyes do get dry, but that is pretty normal for me.
Thanks for reading, hopefully you found this helpful♡

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