First post from Japan!

Hiii gals!
We still don't have any internet in our computers, so we are blogging from a phone our uncle lent to us XD currently we are staying at an apartment our uncle has and there is a small family here and they are so nice! They have two little girls that are so adorble, and the older one cried a little earlier be cause she understood that we would be leaving this apartment tomorrow...:'(
But tomorrow we will be heading out to see our room, so excited!!!

So yeah! We arrived on friday morning at narita airport where we were picked up and driven to our uncle' house where we spent the day with him and he showed us around his neighbourhood:)
Acctually, it was quite funny, but on the plain to japan there was one japanese flight attendant that we talked a bit to and she was so surprised that we spoke japaneseXD
But we gave her our mail address and who knows maybe we will meet up later? :)

Yesterday, on saturday, we went to shibuya and it was so much fun! We bought some cosmetics, magazines and a leopard print skirt:3 we were sooo undecided on stuff to buy, because we did not want to buy something and then end up wanting something else more...
But it felt so nice being in shibuya (especially 109XD) and the staff was so nice, even when bombarding us with questionsxD haha~ some even got pretty shocked hearing our age, don't think they quite believed usxD

Sooooo today.... You are gonna be shocked hearing this.... But we kinda.... Slept until 5:30 .... Yup you read it rightxD stupid us, it is sunday and we had planned on going to harajuku, but there is always a second time:3
We just stayed inside today, read magazines and chatted with the people here.
We acctually had to flee our room though today because of an cockroach, but he has been taken care of now, thankfully~-.-

That's it for now! We apologize if there are many errors in this post, but we are blogging from a phoneXD

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