Our first 10 days here in Japan<3+pics

September 10, 2012

Hi gals!

We have not yet gotten out internet at home, but we are at school now and got a class about how to connect the internet to our computersxD
It is so great to finally be able to go on the internet in a computer instead of a phone!^^

haha, one of the first thing we ate after arriving to Japan!
We walked to the konbini from our place and bought melon bread and sandwiches, so good!~
We where originally going to move to a shared house.....but it was kind of dirty.....so we didn't move in there and now we live with people that work with our uncle in an apartment that he owns^^
It is really nice and they people we live with are so nice!^^

Our first gets, magazines, fake lashes, makeup stuff and skirts from Glica, it is so fluffy and cute!<3
I think the quality in the diamond lashes are degrading.....
Lately when I clean them there are always hairs falling off(Not when I pull off the glue, when I stroke over them) and that has NEVER happened to neither of us beforeD:
Really weird:s

Then a coackroach came into our room.....we really did not like that...but we just watched Howl's moving castle with the wife(Mami) and her kids until her husband(Kazu) came home and he killed it for us, thankfully we didn't have to kill it ourselves...:s

Then because we are always in so much hurry we always eat konbini food or macdonalds....
But many people in Iceland are probably jelly of our chicken nuggets since we don't have Macdonalds in Iceland anymore^^

We seem to buy awefully lot of it lately....:s

First days of shool^^

Hahaha, went to a store that has all kind of things and saw theese characers, they are so funnyxD

crepe, bubble tea(?) and more candy!^^
We acctually didn't really like that crepe so much.....to much cream and too little amount of berries....:s

Then we stopped by at Machida 109, but it is just outside of Machida station and since we always go through Machida station we decided to check 109 here and went inside of Liz Lisa, and it was love at first sight.....<3
We have always looked at their clothes...but never really given them any thought....

And we had kind of been torn on taking on a kind of a rock-ish theme and a sweet one and had choosen the rock one....but I guess that one mande us take a U-turn.....xD
Since now all we think about is pastel and frillyxD

And so we ended up buying a dress and shoes there, and the shop staff also told us about the renewal opening and Shibuya 109 which was to take place on Saturday^^

̭Style before
̬Style after

Then on this saturday we went to Shibuya to meet Saori and Karen, but we meet Saori on last tuesday at our orientation, but she and others where our groups guide through school and she contacted us asking if we wanted to go somewhere with her and her friend and ofcourse we said yes!

When wemet them we told them about the renewal opening of Liz Lisa and we decided to go check it out, with these keyes we got to choose one card one a screen to try to win a price, and we all won one which made us very happy.
Emi, Saori and Karen all got tickets to a cafe, while Lea won a My Melody iPhone case^^
Also the staff asked to take our pict for the catalog with we will most likely appear in then...I think...
Although I have yet to find out weather I will like the pictures....since when me and Lea are embarassed we smile.....ALOT and a big one at that....and those pics never turn out good....:s
At the cafe Lea still got to enter(even without any ticket) and we got such a delicious cookies!!!><

Then we decided to go for something to eat and we shared okonomiyaku and monyaku, both where really good!^^

The pro's before the cookingxD

Then it was purikura time!!!
But we also walket to Harayuku, which was a lot of fun and there we stopped at Godiva and got us some strawberry yogurt drink and talked a lot^^

We also shopped at Forever 21, they where having a sale so we bought thoose jackets, skirts(In pink and mint green) and 8 pieces of accessories for only 6200¥!!!
So cheap! Something we would never be able to do in Iceland!><

(Pic from yesterday)

Well now we only have one class left for today, we got our test results today and we where both paced in Lv. 3(a) which made us really happy!^^

Thanks for reading and we will try to update more often from now on! (Hopefully from home soon, instead of school!xD)

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