First off!!
We where in the students coffee room the other day and our friend decided to tease us a bitxD
Yep! Those are our earmuffs and glovesxD

Well then now on Saturday we went to a market called "Skansinn".
Honestly I was against going there, because it would be our second time and the first time was boring and almost nothing was sold....
But we did better it was OK.

Then we found out that there was COTTON CANDY!
Lea really wanted to buy it so I gave in.....
Did you know cotton candy can be burnt?
NOW you know....
Not good....:s


There was this Chinese girl selling her stuff there also, and we bought some stuff off her.
Doraemon cellphone strap, lip balm, mittens and a hat.
But she also had really cute coats!
Like the one that I am wearing in this picture!
I SOO wanted it! ><
But only 1...
She also had another jacket that was pink, it was so cute and warm><
Really wanted that one too!

Some fun pictures we took at the bus stop in front of our UniversityxD
It has a sign on it that stands "Stoppu stuð". Bus stop is in Icelandic "Stoppu stöð", but "stuð" is "fun"^^
And it is quite warm in there since it has heater in the ceiling!!!

I look weird in the pics, but they are fun^^


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