Twitter, anyone?

by - November 04, 2011

Hiiii, gals! whoa! I have been soooooo lazy lately....>.< haven't blogged at all -.-'
Emi has not been amused by it.... but I am planning on making a post on how our make has changed since we started doing it, but that has only been like 2 years ago...O.o not a long timeX3 But, I feel we have improved a lot since then! And I hope you will be looking forward to it! :3
Here is the link to our Twitter account:!/EmixLea

Somehow today I felt like making a twitter, I am a very lazy person, but today I just thought "hey! let's make a twitter!" and so I did:) Can't wait to share some fun things with you gals as they happen, since I want to try and use my phone to make tweets:3 So please follow us on there and we will most definitely follow you gals back!

Also, our grandmother turned 69(ohohohohoh~) on the 2nd, congrats!!!! <3 and so we held a little surprise party for her and invited some people over for dinner and dessert, she was so shocked when her brother and sister in law cameXD wahahahaha! priceless! That was a mission accomplished! 
And..... since we love camwhoring, I'll share with you gals some pics from that day;P

Thanks for reading gals! "see" you next time :3

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