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Hi gals!

About a month/month and a half ago we received a e-mail from proopticals,
inviting us to participate in their affiliate program.
So I went ahead and signed up and shortly after that I received an e-mail from one of their staff.
Since me and Lea need prescription glasses I asked if we could get that instead of just normal plastic, since they offer both.
And that was no problem at all, just sent her our SPH and PD.

I recommend sending e-mail to them if they ask you any questions, they answer really quickly!

We choose glasses called Peggy^^

The lowest price on the frames on their site is 6.95$
Which in my eyes is pretty cheap since last time I bought glasses, only the frame was about 150-200
And that was JUST the frame!

When buying prescription glasses off Proopticals you can
buy the same glasses for cheap or expensive.
Just take Peggy for example, the frame alone costs 39.95$
and even with SPH you can keep it that cheap!

But they can go as high as 215.9
$ if you want your
lenses extra thin(
Extreme Thin Lenses [High Index 1.740]).
But even as that is as high as they go they still beat Iceland when
comparing the prices, which works really well for us!

As I mentioned earlier you also have to tell them your PD(Pupillary distance),
but you will most likely not know your PD, but measuring it by yourself or with the help of a friend or a family member is not hard at all.
Like you can see here!

We measure it by ourselves and got PD63

At first when I tried the glasses on, I felt that they where quite uncomfortable, so like many people would(or would not do) I checked the internet, and found out that it often takes people up to a week to get used to new glasses...
Luckily it seems that it will not take me such a long time since I am almost 100% used to them now^^

The glasses

Please check out their site, Proopticals,
I doubt that you will not find anything that you do not like!

All in all we REALLY love our new glasses, although some people in the class want to say that they seem very old fashioned, but you know those are guys and they have NO sense of fashion at ALLxD


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