Giveaway finished~ HOOOOKED!

:O sorry gals, beware of photospamming!


Firstly we want to thank those that entered our giveaway, even though we have to admit that we are kind of sad that so few entered...:(
But today was the last day to enter, and we will soon find out the winner and let her know about it!
but also! we want to thank all of our followers for reading our blog, and we hope you continue doing so in the future! :3


Our midterms are over now and we did pretty good! we also took JLPT level 3 and passed it! whoohoo! there where actually only 4 other in the class that passed...:O

Making kanji flashcards for the midterms ^^
Then we started a kind of study group to learn kanji with some people in our class, and it was so much fun! we where studying for 2 and half hours and the time just flew by!
haha, well, we actally watched one episode of 日本人の知らない日本語 (Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo) or in english "the japanese that the japnese people don't understand" without subs, and it was so hilarious! >.<  really recommend that show!

Before the midterms we where asked by our moms friend to teach about Japan at theme days in her high school, it was kind of different from what we thought it would be, but we where teaching origami for two days :O hahaxD it was actually so much fun, and so many interesting people came by, and surprisingly some people were very interested, and some even knew something beforehand:O

a photo frame and a bookmark

 On the 12th of March there was also a kind of a memorial event for the disaster that happened last year, and everyone in the Japanese course made origami cranes (we made 100 each, could have made more, it is so much fun!) and then everyone sang 上を向いて歩こう, or The Sukiyaki song, in english:)
There was also a candle lightning event in the evening, but we didn't go:(

Oh! and we also dyed our hair the other day>.< I think we completely forgot to mention it:s
It  is a very nice, red color^^
I don't think we have any good pictures of it now, but as you've probably noticed, we have a loooooot of other onesxD
With our little niece, she saw me making the peace sign, and she also wanted to do itx3 so cute!

 wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm so hooked right now!!!!!!
I've started playing Pigg life recently, and I love it so much!!!>.<
my ID is emixlea (If I remember correctlyxD) haha, so if you are playing, please add me!!!
but if you are interested here is the link: ピグライフ and ofcourse add meeeee!!!!


whoa... that was a lot of pictures...! -.-' sorry about all the scrolling, but hope you enjoyed^^

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