Midterms over + camwhoring

March 02, 2012

Yay!!! The midterms are now over(actually on last Wednesday), but we had 5 test, although only 3 of them where tests that we HAD to take, but the other 2 where the JLPT level 3, old test from 2005.
Our listening test was REALLY hard almost unfair, while the listening test for JLPT was SO MUCH EASIER! Would have thought that JLPT would have been harder, I was so nervous for it, thought I would do so bad....but then it was so easy that in the second time I could do it twice, the second time just to check if there was something that I wanted to change><

Lately we have not been doing so much, last week we got a little job, 8 hours total, for two days, where we were teaching origami to High School kids.
It was a lot of fun! many interesting people, and fun to talk to ! And people where quite interested in Origami. I think about 600-700 cranes, heart bookmarks, boxes, stars, butterfly's and boats where made!

Also! because we missed two days at school for this we talked to our teacher about it(and of course said it in Japanese) and she was so happy that we said it in Japanese that she hugged me and gave us five, since that often when students talk to her they just speak english...
And then our friend brought home for us the kanji test that we missed and listening assignment, and we could do the kanji and get 50% of the score, do the listening assignment and get attendance for both of the classes! yuss!! we where really happy about that!^^

We also had a "science trip" last week, that usually consist only of drinking free beerxD
We went to the headquarters of CCP, the company that makes EVE online, and for those who drink there was enough beer, but me and Lea were content with some flavored water(?), bubble water stuffxD There was also something light to eat which was really nice^^

We then went to the dorm where the Japanese exchange students live, but after a while me, Lea and our friends decided to grab something to eat, then we went to a pub for a while...and then me and Lea where tired so we decided to grab the 11 bus and head home....

YUSS!!! so today we colored our hair red(no pics yet...) we get this really inexpensive color at a Polish shop near us, will talk better about that later, and today we also decided that we would buy these sweeties! ><

I don't know but people might find them childish? But I think they are so cute!! Me and Lea both fell in love with them at first sight! <3

Well that is all for now, and please check out our giveaway^^

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