What's your astrological sign?

We love reading stuff about astrological signs so we follow a few blogs on Tumblr that post quotes about astrological personalities, and an idea sparked that it would be fun to find some quotes and talk (well... writexD) about what we feel fits us^^ We think it would be kinda fun for our followers to get to know us better, but we need to start somewhere:3

hahaxD I don't remember if we have mentioned it before, but believe it or not, our astrological sign is the Gemini as we were born on the 22nd of Mayx3
Funny enough when we were younger we thought that the reason for us being the Gemini was because we were twinsxD 

 These pictures are all taken from Zodiac City on Tumblr 

but, once we get to know you, we'll talk almost non-stop!
so true!

...and it causes so much frustration! I guess we're like every other girl that has millions of scrunchies one day and then the next day they are all lost...:(

sorry for all the emo-ness, we have a few of those quotes here....
It's frightfully easy...
yup, we are soft hearted, and we've been stepped on, but we're constantly growing stronger!

We love our freedom! There are many things to consider when in a relationship, but we both love being able to move about freely without having to worry about other people.
We have yet to find love, but when reading manga one can't help but wish from the bottom of their heart to find that kind of love! communication, communication, communication! that is a MUST! for us also to learn, as speaking our feelings has never been our strong point...but also being able to talk, holding up a conversation can be dreadful!
...or our footstepsxD but, yeah, we are pretty loud (it kinda runs in the familyxD) and we love laughing!

I wish we were more open about our feelings... but sometimes this is just easier.
I wish this were true! ... but we might surprise you! our friends often get surprised by the things that we do know... so you never knowxD
literally, we just want to crawl into a dark place and be there!

It's simple: us sisters get into a fight and accuse each other of something, our mom butts in and tells us to stop so we can't clear things up and so we'll get irritated!
hahaxD we love socializing with people, but we are kinda shy so we don't do it as much as we'd likex3 you could say we are innocent flirts, but it only applies to one of our friends^^
I'm afraid we both share the same default... we don't really know our feelings that well... But we have learned (...hopefully...)
and we'll be careful in the future to think even longer and harder about the things that consider our heart.

maybe a bit too easy at times, if that is possible;P
People sometimes tell us how nice it must be to be twins and always be together, but it can get lonely with just the two of us... and we get often get very restless when it is just the two of us at home...
The story of our livesxD
We're sorry to say that this is the truth, most of the time we'll have a hard time sympathizing with people, but we'll always stand by them if they have proven themselves worthy!

waaaaahhh~! >.< this turned out to be so long :O but, hopefully you read this and enjoyed it!

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