Ageha yukata.

In my opinion a yukata is a must have, not that I wear one often, but it is just to much fun to have one of those pretties in the closet!!><
In the beginning of the year we had "Japan Festival", that the students that are learning Japanese take care of, and me and Lea where in the welcoming section, not the greatest one since we where stuck there the WHOLE time!

That is us in the front row, with our friend in the Doraemon kigurumi, and one in the Pikachu, our other friends are kind of hiding....
haha, we really stand out on that picture>< we could choose to wear our own or get one borrowed from the embassy^^
So want to get one like these?
Then check this out! ><
This is a set of Yukata, Obi and a Geta<3
Price: 4980
Price: 4980
Price: 4980
Price: 4980

This one is unfortunately sold out, but here is the link anyway:
Price: 4980
Price: 4980
Worrying about not being able to wear it?
Do not worry! it comes with a CD that teaches various ways to tie an obi and how to put on the yukata!<3

AND something extra!
Isn't it always fun to see someone you admire wear something you own? ><

If you are wondering where my blue yukata is there, I think it sold out since I can not find it on Rakuten....:s

Well that is all for now, until later!><


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