Temptations at work :S

September 25, 2011

Maybe I have said it before, but me and Lea used to work at a hotel....
Serving the breakfast...which is actually quite a nice job, but can be a bit hectic....

See those croissants and pain au chocolat!!!
How can one resist this EVERY morning with their heavenly good smell!!?

But these two beauties are not the only temptations!!
Check this one out:
First you will need 200gr of melted butter!
Also 500gr of wheat,
1 table spoon of sugar,
2 teaspoons of baking powder.
Add the butter after you have mixed the dry materials together^^
4 eggs
(I am making a double one there for about 60 people^^
or something...
Some milk, around 750ml^^
(Yes the picture is upside down xD)
Heat up your iron!!!
Now you have a delicious looking waffle with just one thing missing!!

haha, not really gal related, but it certainly has a great taste!><
and we used to  eat it way TOO often when we where still working there-.-'


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