Ljósanótt& a fundraiser

September 05, 2011

Hi gals!
Last Friday our uncle's wife turned 35 years old and we went to her b-day party.
Not much happened there except that we got a really good soup(but HOT, burned my tounge:s).
And then a cake><

Then the day after on Saturday we went to help our friend with a fundraiser.
But she was helping there by drawing pictures for people. And we where helping the kids draw, although I felt that we did not do that much:S
Two of our other friends where also there to help and me and one of them participated in a three legged race><
haha, it was really easy, and I got a lollipopxD

Then at the end there was a dance. It was really confusing at first. the dance, but me, Lea and our friends(except one, chicken....xD) where really happy when we got the steps right><
Fortunately it was not too hard to learn.

Radio exercise

DERP facexD

Three legged race

(these three are not from us, but from someone that was there^^)

Then after we got home we watched the new episode of Doctor Who, it was a bit of a disappointment, since the episode had looked so goo in the trailer:'(
When Doctor Who ended Secret fortune began and we where so STUCK in watching that showxD
But when the show ended we went to eat at our friends parents house, got a really good lasagna, salad and garlic toasted bread>< so good<3
Then we went to town to watch the fire works, since this weekend was "Ljósanótt" or "Light night" if I directly translate it...
We walked a bit around the main street where everyone was(the street was closed for cars), bought ourselves some cotton candy(surprise surprise) and then went to a bar, where we spent the rest of the night.
Then at three we decided to call it quits and take a cab home, but we could have walked as well since we had to wait an HOUR before we got one!!!
We where all so pissed, since there seemed so few to be driving around, even at such a big night as this one!
When we got a cab and got home we decided to not go do anything, but when me and Lea where cleaning our eyemake off, our friends called to ask if we wanted to come watch Star Gate, so we went over to them, they live in the next housing apartments to us, but I fell quickly asleep on the couchxD


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