So love how they added Zokka there!!!><
Hi gals!!!!>< Some days ago I(Emi) had two days off from work and I decided to start watching Avatar: The last airbender, but someone on my facebook has been posting countless pictures of Legend of Korra, which made me want to watch that, but I felt that I had to watch The last airbender first. 

And WOW!!!!
I definetily do not regret that decision!!!
I finished it in almost three days, and then I went on to wathing The legend of Korra!!!<3
So much love<3<3

Also! I so love Zokka's humor!
Lea wasn't really watching with me, just had one eye on my comp, but she also grew to love him so much, and after "we" finished The last Airbender we watched Legend of Korra together and she said "Mér langar í Zokka" Meaning "I want Zokka", but in Icelandic, it sounds like "I want socks".
So I just had to tease her and say "Then just go and put some on" xD
Horrible humor, I knowxD

But really, you all should watch it!!! ><

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