Days off^^ +photo shoot+ Camwhore(Truly pic heavy)

Hihi gals! 
Like we mentioned before, we received our two new dolls, Beni and Fuuka, some days ago.
And since we had two days off this weekend we decided to go to Husavik and stay with our aunt and grandma^^

And take pictures!!! ><



Beni with her short wig,
She was only supposed to have this one and the pink one was for Chiharu,
but Lea accidentally ordered the wig in the wrong sizexD :s

Chiharu <3

We took the pictures of them in a small forest that is really close to where our aunt lives.
But near the forest is also a play ground, and our grandma used to live above it and at that time our little niece( she went with us to take pictures, and also her older sister, and our dog), used(and still does) to live taking our dog out for a walk, but she always went to the play ground and tied him there while she went on the "monkey slide" if that makes any sense, and because of that he is TERRIFIED of that place!

And now she was whining all the time that she wanted to go there, then we went kind of close to it and our dog went CRAZY he was so scared! I felt so bitter at mu niece that she had done this to him....

Also in the forest was the cutest cat!!! I so miss our cat Yano!!! (Also Ume) I love them both so much, but Yano has a special place in my heart <3 (Emi)

Here are some camwhore photos from saturday^^
But my aunt cut my hair shorter that day <3 (Emi)
My hair was just WAY too thin at the end...:s

Then on sunday the 17th we went to the "gymnasium", not the kind that has all those equipments, more of a indoor handball/Basketball court, to celebrate the national day of Iceland, there where some entertainments, but it was kind of boring....

Then every year there is also a "Fjallkona", "mountain lady?" (not some kind of an old shabby woman though...xD), She always recites a poem and then just stands there for a while while the national anthem is played.
But I didn't really like her....
She was so unsure of her self, clearly did not know what to do.
I thought that she needed to have a radiant smile of confidence. But maybe that is just me and Lea....:s
OH! And she was to young in my opinion, "kona" means "woman", and so in our opinion she should be mature and at least 25 years of age...

Well then we went with our older niece to go get something to eat and then later in the evening out grandmother drove us home and treated us to dinner, me and Lea got such a good salad!!
We are really picky with salads, so I am always vary when I buy it, but I definitely do not regret getting that one! ><

Emi and our grandmother^^

Some more camwhoring from that day^^

Haha, our grandma also wanted to be in the picxD

Wearing our new dresses that we got from Romwe


Isn't our dog the cutest!!!?


We wanted to try to do a video of us talking about our day in Japanese.
Mistakes where made, but we so have to practice speaking Japanese, we are just WAY too shy....

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