Our b-day^^

 Hiii gals!
We are terribly sorry we have not been very active recently, but we have started working like we have blogged about earlier, and time just flies by >.<

Lea's nails~
But even though it is late we wanted to blog a little bit about our b-day^^
We invited 3 of our friends over for dinner, but sadly one of them could not come...:'( we cooked chicken file in orange pesto with cheese spread on top, we also cut down "normal" potatoes and sweet potatoes and baked them in the oven. We also had salad with it^^

Preparing dinner ~~ Looking beautiful without lensesxD

For dessert we made crepes and in the cream we put vanilla drops and sugar, so yummmyyyyy<3 hehe~
with it we had strawberries, bananas, kiwi, and chocolate that Lea made^^ (btw, the best chocolate ever! ;P)

Emi making the crepes

The first ones failed a bit, but she soon got the hang of it^^
 Our friends came and since dinner was still cooking we went out to the balcony to enjoy the weather as it was quite nice, and the sun was shining<3
The cats used some of their ninja skills and snuck out, which was so funnyxD but they are indoor cats, and both don't really like the outdoors that much, but are so fascinated by itxD

We had to contain our feelings a bit there...xD

After eating too much of everything we watched batsu games, they are so funny!!! xD
I can't believe that the guys that participate still want to do this year after yearxD haha~x3

NOPE! you are mistaken, we are no bunch of pervsxD

It was sooooooo hot, it was almost like we were in a sauna :O

Sadly our other friend who came had an doctor's appointment early the day after so she left early, but we continued watching batsu games, though after awhile we were just fooling around like in the pictures you see herexD
Emi with red cheeks from the heat (kinda like we both look right now, but this time from the sun xD)

Thanks for reading hope you have a great day/ that your day has been great! <3

btw! something VERY exciting came in the mail today~ buuuut we are not telling right away:P

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