Lea's makeup for the past weeks〜<3

Hello gals~
We've been working a lot lately, so we have not had much time to do our makeup except for on our days off^^ which sadly we won't be getting together this summer until the 28th and 29th of July D:
but that's OK, we just hang out with each other at work then xD
I don't think we have been showing our readers our makeup a lot lately so I felt like doing a post to show you gals my makeup from the past month or so~^^ 
BEWARE! this is kind of picture heavy~ but I hope you like it nonetheless^^

Decided to do some darker eye make, though I am not 100% happy about it, I like this picturexD

Eyes closed~
From another day off~xD I don't remember a thing I did that day, my memory sucks like that...-.-' x3

From the 16th of June! Look at that! I remembered which day^^

<3 U!

From the 17th of June, Iceland's National Day^^
here you can also see my eyebrows xD not that you really net too..xD
ピース!Went to a small garden close to our aunt's to take pictures of our dollies^^
Also a picture of the backside of my head, my little niece made a bow for me^^
whee I was so happy<3

I use that orange eyeshadow a lot lately, I just REALLY REALLY like it!

With my beloved Rilakkuma<3

From this Thursday~ again with the orange eyeshadow xD
but I guess it is maybe not that visible~?
Angry? naaah.. not reallyxD

 Thaaaat's it! Thanks so much for reading (more looking at pictures though...xD) hope to hear from you, and until next time, bai bai<3

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