Work, yay!!^^xD

HI gals!!
Last Saturday our grandmother drove us up north to Husavik, to go to our work place Laugar later on, first we stayed with our aunt for a few days, until our grandma then drove us half an hour(with ALL our stuff) to Laugar  but this is our fourth summer working at this hotel, but our sixth summer at this hotel chain, but the hotel is a boarding school in the winter.

But anyways! We did not really get along with the people that we worked with last summer(except a few), but it seems that this year will be GREAT!^^
Lot of fun people working here^^

Pictures just random from one of our summer here at his hotel
(We also lived here for 3 years)

Now we have have been working for three days, and so far it has been a lot of fun, and hopefully everything will stay like that^^

Also! When we had already been driving an hour(to Husavik) I(Emi0 realised that we had forgotten Chiharu!!! D:
We couldn't beleive that we had acctually forgotten her! D: But we had especially put her in her box on top of our table....but I guess we kind of "hid" her behind our sewing machinexD :s
But we will most likely get her next monday, since our mom sent her to Husavik and someone will get her to us^^

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