Dinner Date With Our "Icelandic" Friend!

Last Sunday our friend from Japan came to visit Iceland, so we went to town to meet up with her.
She is very interested in Iceland and has been learning Icelandic for a while now, so we have been talking on facebook a bit, both in Icelandic and Japanese XD
We were really looking forward to meeting her, and it was so much fun!
We had decided on a small restaurant by the harbor that serves Icelandic food as we wanted her to experience some Icelandic food.

She came with her mom and we all went together for dinner, her mom was also so sweet and funny so overall we had such a nice time♡


This is what we got!
Lea's dish is on the left, but she got a traditional mashed fish with potatoes, while Emi got langoustine salad. Our friend and her mom got the same dish with all kinds of traditional Icelandic food, but we did not take any pics of that ><

When we were planning to meet, our friend asked us if we wanted her to buy us some cosmetics as she wanted to buy us a gift, and we were just "no! we want candy!XD"
We specifically asked her to bring us senbei, but senbei is a rice cracker and there are so many types!
Then she works at the anpanman museum so she brought us an anpanman whit chocolate cookies inside*^^*
Needless to say we were so very happy!♡

Takk kærlega fyrir allt!!!

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