Memories of Japan: 2nd Halloween Party+ Tako Party

 Shortly after the Halloween party in Shibuya with our friend Haru there was another Halloween party at one of the clubs at school and we decided to go together and have a Tako Party afterwards!

Unfortunately we overslept and had no time to shower, so far away from home and in dire need to get pretty for the party we contacted one girl that we had been talking to, Li, and got to take a shower at her place where as she later joined the Halloween and Tako party with us~

 Us with our cuties, Li dressed as police woman, I as a Maid, and Lea as an angel (you are all aware of the term "a Woolf in a sheep skin") and then Haru was just casually dressesxD

 There were all kinds of costumes and free icecream!!

We played the chair game and Lea actually won! Surprise surprise, neither of us usually win at games like thesexD 

 The lightning was horrible in there but we still took some photos^^
Then after having some fun there for a while we started getting hungry and went to the nearest supermarket to buy the ingredients for the takoyaki and then headed over to Haru's place to start the cooking~

We were pretty bad at making the tako to start with but you get better with practice and before long the tako started to look good (always tasted great though!)

They where super easy to make! We just bought some tako powder and mixed it with water (maybe also eggs, don't remember) then we just put the dough on the tako pan with some cabbage, spring onion and the octopus~
Afterwards we put mayonnaise, tako sauce and bonito flakes. The bonito flakes are so light that they danced in the heat from the takoyaki <3

The bad thing about talking about takoyaki is that you want to eat it...

After this evening the four of us started spending most of out time together and we can't wait to meet again as soon as possible! <3

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