Talking Makeup: Majolica Majorica ♡Majolook♡

Hi gals!
Recently we did a small makeup haul on ebay as there were a few things that we needed to get.
So since we have wanted to start talking about makeup more frequently we thought that now might be a good chance to start! 

Which is why we started this series; "Talking Makeup"!

What we will do us that we will talk about makeup that we own so that you guys can get to know these products as well! Whether they be good or bad! (Hopefully we won't buy anything bad though!)

We will probably be really noobish at it to begin with, but hopefully we will get better and that you guys reading our blog will find something that interests you and you might want to get it!♡

Then let us start!

The first item that we will be reviewing is one of the Majolook palettes by "Majolica Majorica".
The name of the palette is BR799.

All in all we really like this palette and a makeup tutorial that Lea made using this one can be found here~^^ 

Here you can see the colors how they look on skin.

The colors are really pretty, and have some shimmer to them.
The shimmer is not as much as I often prefer, but really nice either way!

The white part is a cream eyeshadow which I think is nice for putting on your eyelid, and then the pink one on top, as I feel that the pink one might be a tad bit too see through to stand by itself *^^*
(at least for our skin)

The dark brown has a very subtle shimmer, but a really nice color. It comes on quite pigmented when a finger us used to apply it, but it is lighter when applied with a brush.

Well, that's it for our first noobish post of the series!
Hope it was of some interest!

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