Majolica Majorica 〜 Majolook makeup tutorial ver.2 ♡

Hi guys!!!
Here is this weeks tutorial!! Almost forgot about it as I just did not realize that it was Thursday TODAY!!! xD

Today I wanted to show you a look I did with our Majolook palette, Color no. BR799. Lea also did a tutorial on it the other day, you can see it here.

Notice something new?

I decided to cut my hair!!

We had been wanting to make our hair a bit lighter, as it is SO troublesome having dark hair as the root becomes so ugly. But as we did not want to make it lighter our selves. So we decided to make an appointment with our moms friend!

I also started to think about cutting my hair, and Lea even started pushing me towards doing it!xD

I think our hairdresser felt worse about it than I did!
But totes no regrets!

The lip gloss that I am using is from Dior, called Dior Addict no. 754.
Love it so SO much!

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