Night of Lights + Update

September 22, 2014

 (Picture not ours!)

 Hi guys!

We have noticed that most of our recent posts have been makeup tutorials and such and no real updates so to say><

About two weeks ago there was a festival in the town we live in called "Ljósanótt", or Night of Lights in English. Like always if there is something going on on the weekends and we want to attend it, we are working. But we decided to go in the evening after work either way to have some fun.

We went on Thursday also with our mom as that was our day off and got some cotton candy, and as there were a lot of things going on downtown we were also able to enjoy them as well*^^*
Sadly we had to go quite early as we start working at 5 in the morning><

This is our look from Thursday*^^*
You can see how to do Lea's makeup in our last post*^^*

We then met our friend on Saturday, but her family invited us to dinner, so we went to their place to eat and later on we went downtown to eat more cotton candy and to see the concerts there.

haha, actually if you guys watched Eurovision and remember Iceland's song this year, that band (Pollapönk) was actually playing thereXD Then one of our favorite Icelandic bands was also playing and it is always fun seeing them live^^
They are actually from the town we live in so they play every year on Night of Lights♡


Truthfully we haven't been doing much other than work though, but the past month after most of the summer people quit it has been so much more relaxing and fun at work!
We actually got much better chances at actually getting to know some people that we had never talked to before, which was really nice!
It has actually been a really great month! especially the last two weeks or so!

Also! We don't really know if any of our followers like BJD's, but we made a tumblr blog to share our BJD's on, so please follow us on there if you also collect them, or just if you are interested in seeing more of our dolls^^

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