New Hair!


Hi gals~
Last week was our last day of work at the airport, so we have kind of just been lazying about at home, which is in a way kind of nice as it is a bit like a late summer break. Though the boredom is kind of overbearing some days :p

We are going to try and wok out more and loose our sugar babies as we like to call them, but at work we got a LOOOOOOT of candy, and we do not have the best self-control and ended up eating a bit too much candyXD

But yeah, onto the main topic of this post...!!!
Which is our hair!!!
Since the beginning of this year we have been dying our hair black, though it usually faded to dark brown quited quickly as our hair is really light to begin with, and doesn't take color so well><

We last dyed our hair before our graduation which was on the 21st of June, so the root had started to show a LOT! As you can see by the above pictureXD

So, we decided that we wanted a lighter color, as I (Lea) had kind of grown tired of having dark hair.
Emi usually doesn't care so much and just goes with the flow so to say, and just does what I decideXD

She however had been thinking about cutting her hair short, and I won't deny that I pushed her into doing it (well, just a bit, as she really wanted to try it out... she just wasn't 100% sure :p).

And our hairdresser was actually a lot more nervous about the cut than Emi wasXD
It was quite funny really how she acted about it, as she reaaally did not want to cut it off, she was so afraid that Emi would regret it later on!

After she cut her hair, she put in some bleach to lighten our hair.
Seeing by how dark our hair was we didn't know exactly what to expect, but we ended up with this "lovely" orange color :p

After bleaching our hair she blended and put in the color that we had decided on, and though the end result wasn't exactly as I had had in mind, it came out really nice!

We also knew that we could not expect getting exactly what we wanted after having had such dark hair either way^^

It is quite funny though, this was the first time we went to this hairdresser, and we had just decided on her because our mom knows her, but it was the most fun hairdresser experience we have had!!!XD

Usually when we go we are so bored that we just fall asleep, so this time we prepared by taking our PSP and 3DS with us, but in the end we did not need these things and she was a lot of fun to chat with! Which is a really nice change :p

Aaaaaand, here is the final result!
I did have to cut my hair a bit for the sake of it looking better (and well, split ends x( )
But I'll just compensate that by getting some extensions ;p

And then Emi with her now short hair!^^

Once again thanks for looking by, and see you next time!

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