Cheap Haul from Accessorize!!!!

Our mother went home last Friday to get our apartment ready for when our grandmother moves in^^

So before we went to the airport with our mother we went to a SMALL mall....
We kind of lost ourselves there...bought a LOT!
Could have bought more but did not, thinking that we could get a lot more off Rakuten for the same pricexD

Well we then went to eat chinese after we had bought a lot and our mother had gone home.
Our grandmother was a bit reluctant at first, since she has had a lot of disappointments lately regarding food from Asia that she buys here in Iceland, but she was really happy with the food she got, and so where we!!!><

Never really wanted to have one of these headbands until lately^^
But now we bought two><

I love hairbands so much!!!!
They can add so much to your look, especially this flower hairband.
I think this one is definitely my favorite one! <3

Bought also bangles, they are really cute and well matched, and do not ruin easily....
I certainly do not recommend bangles with fabric on them....
We have one like that and it has started to fall off... :/

LOVE this one<3

THESE I will use very often in the future^^

Lea likes these one much more than I me they are pretty plain:s
Our new high waisted pants that our mother paid half of><
We are so LOVING them!!!

And they have such a cute detail on the back!<3

And we bought a tanktop^^

We needed some new socks sou we bough these to at LA SENZA^^
And some knee socks!!!<3
We bought some socks some weeks ago that we thought where knee socks....but what a disappointment they where(In that matter)....
But still cute^^

And a scarf from Accessorize!!
I am so loving this one!
The flower pattern is so cute and I love this blue color!!
You can see me wearing it in one of our previous posts^^

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