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Hi gals!
On Monday we returned to school as second years in Japanese, us and our friends have been looking forwards to this since the spring semester endedxD
There are about 20 something people in the second year and it is a really good group, and now for some while there has been a discussion about making a student council.
So today we went with people from the second year to re-start the Japanese student association><
haha, we all agreed who should be the President so he did most of the talking^^

Then we discussed many things related to the student association, the website, who would do what, the name and stuff like that^^
One idea is to choose the name and base the website off it. I like that idea><
I hope that the name will be a good one, since one idea was to base it off of a Japanese God, something related to wisdom or learning. It is a good idea, but one name that popped up was "Dainichi" or something like that, meaning purity and wisdom.
I do not really like it, since when telling people the name of your student association and you tell them "Dainichi", people often then ask what it means and there is nit much to say really, and in my opinion you should be able to say something when you use the name of a god, for example if you used "Athena", then you would of course be able to say something.
Well we just ended by deciding that we would all try to find 2-3 names that we would vote for^^

But one of the reasons that we all decided to do this was that last year there was not much interaction between the first and the second years, and we really want to change that(And honestly I am also just really curious about who is in the first yearxD).

Me and Lea will be taking charge of updating the site, making announcements, uploading pictures, etc...
And then there will hopefully many things happen around the people in the Japanese major><

Ah! anyone have any good ideas for a name for out student association, something Japanese with a good meaning?


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