New hair color and HOME!!!!!

Hi gals!!!
Like I mentioned earlier we re-dyed our hair!!!
And guess what!!! One half is red and the other is brown!!!><
I was really UNSURE at first weather to do this or not, Lea was 100% sure,
but for me it was a last minute decision!
And I am so HAPPY that I decided to do this!!!

Seen from above><

We had originally planned on going home on Friday, since we had work on Thursday.
But on Wednesday evening out grandmother mentioned that we could maybe start driving home after we finished work....
And we JUMPED it!!!
WE would definitely never have said NO to that!!><

But it did not go so well to surprise our mom, she called us after some time to ask us where we where, meaning "Where on the way home are you?"
But since Lea is a horrible liar, and our grandmother also(trying to intervene...) she did not fall for it(would have been a lot different if I had talked to her first....!)
For the rest of the day she kept on CALLING us and our aunt on the phone.
But we ignored her calls xD HAH!xD

We had been working in the morning so we headed home kind of late, but our mom was SOO sure that we had skipped work to come home earlier, NO WAY we would do that(To much money would be lost that wayxD)
Well it took 3 extra hours to drive, since we stopped at our mom and grandmas friend place and then at our aunts place^^
But it was alright with us^^

Then we came HOME and got to meet our friends and our cats!!!
And our momxD

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