*laugh* This is maybe kinda late, but we thought that we should maybe do a little introduction of ourselves:)
As you might have seen by now, we are twins. We where born on the 22nd on May, so our zodiac sign is GeminiX3 *laugh* silly us always thought our zodiac sign was Gemini because we are twins XD

We really love Japanese culture, music, fashion and the people, so we are learning Japanese and will be starting our second year in University the 1st of September and after finishing our second year we will go and study in Japan for a year, and hopefully some more after that! We really want to live in Japan in the future, preferably in Tokyo, and maybe go to a school that teaches hair and makeup, since after starting gyaru that is something we have grown very interested in:3

We really love being able to learn Japanese in University, it is so much fun! we learn writing, speaking, grammar, history and even moviesXD In our first semester every Thursday meant 4 hours of watching Japanese movies! :D both contemporary and black&white movies:) We have also made some great friends in University so that is a BIG plus! :3

1st and second years! but we will soon become 2nd years>.<
Our friends and one of our assistant teachers:) one of our friends is missing though...

We have lived in a few places since we where born. We moved from our birth place when we where 5 and lived in the city, but the summer before we started 2nd grade we moved again to another town:) we lived there for 7 awesome years, but then we moved again, but we never really found our place in that town, did not really have any friends and just grew into being some kind of lone wolfs, but then we started high school and got to know more people, and came out of our shells:) We weren't really into fashion up until our 2nd year of High school, when we were 18, but we had been browsing a lot through yesstyle and decided to order some clothes. We hadn't really "discovered" our style back then, and are still trying our best to find what suits us best!

But in 2010 we discovered gyaru and really fell in love with it! Then in the beginning of August we went to Japan and went to Shibuya and bought a lot of gyaru clothes, cocolulu, Ingni, Cecil McBee and some other and after that started to order our clothes from Japan through Rakuten, mostly from Galstar and Dreamv (Yumetenbo).
First day in Japan, our uncle took us to Shibuya and of course we had to take one pic with Hachiko:3

wheeee X3 Cocolulu<3 Love Cocolulu so much>.<

One outfit from our stay there, we had not started doing any gyaru make-up at that time, we had just started doing our makeup on regular basis that summer, in fact...X3 ohohoohoh, see that Japanese phone? jealous much? XD well, our uncle rented it for us so we could call home:)
 Overall, going to Japan was a great experience... we did not speak much Japanese at the time, but we where able to say a few words and talk a little to the staff, and we enjoyed it so much, they where all so nice!

Before getting into gyaru, I had already grown an interest in nail art, and had been doodling with that for some time, but now I want to be able to make something BIGGER XD haha, my dream is to buy som gel nail kit from Rakuten soon^^ we both really want to learn to make gel nails and become good at it:)

My nails from a few months ago, did pink tips and added some rhinestones on the line, I also added a glitter nail polish on top on the nail for some kira kira ;P
Leopard nails! my fav patternX3
Our interest vary between many things, I really like knitting, and Emi likes crochet. Three years ago we picked that up again after buying Pullip dolls and made a lot of clothes for them and also accessories, which we also enjoyed making a lot! Though, after starting gyaru, we've been more lazy about this, but we still love doing crochet and knitting and still love and treasure our dolls a lot! :3

We listen to music everyday! *laugh* well, most people doX3 and our number 1, 2, 3 artists are Miyavi and Nishino Kana<3 For me Miyavi will always be number 1, 2, 3 ....10! We've been his fan for about four years and we are so happy for him to be doing so well in his personal life! <3 you gals can't believe how happy we where when we read the news about him being married and having a little baby on the way! >.<
We first heard "Best friend" with Nishino Kana and fell instantly in love! We love all of her songs and she is just too beautiful!
We also listen to Kpop, and our fav artists are Big Bang and 2ne1, but sorry, they will never top (ohohohoh) Miyavi and Nishino Kana<3

Oh! I almost forgot, we have also learned a little kyudo (japanese archery), and it is so much fun! we took a three month course .... but sadly did not get to shoot much....:(

*laugh* this was kinda much, but I hope you enjoyed it, and if you want to ask us anything, please do! we would love to get some questions, both here or on our Tumblr, :3

bai bai for now, with love <3<3<3


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